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The moment my trip to Kenya was confirmed, Bishop Christopher Simiyu Bera came under immediate attack. First, his wife Peninah, who had a rather large goiter, began losing consciousness. The goiter had begun to press on her artery, thereby blocking the blood flow to her brain. Many costly tests and much expensive medicine were ordered until a surgeon came to the Webuye hospital. 

Secondly, a severe Malaria attack put Simiyu in the hospital for a week, after which he was diagnosed with two bleeding ulcers. Finally, the promise of a rented car for the duration of my visit fell through. At least he had been able to rent a larger and safe house for my visit from the love gift of my friend and partner in writing, Phyllis. 

Despite all this opposition, I arrived as planned in Nairobi on Sunday, November 19th. Simiyu  and Pastor Herman Kasili drove me to the Gospel Lighthouse Church - a tent structure – of Bishop Dr. Justus Wanjala, where I was scheduled to minister. The Lord’s warning message concerning Barack Hussein Obama 6 and Raila Odinga 7  was visibly being received, as well as His appeal to the churches to unite and stand as one man in prayer to avert disaster. G-d’s purpose for Kenya is to be a lighthouse to the African continent, which Satan is trying to prevent by using Odinga.

I spent the night at the lovely “Rusam Villa guesthouse,” a quaint and quiet chalet with self-contained rooms, in the Old Doonholm Estate; and the next at Wanjala’s house, which was without water for over a month as was all of Nairobi. If not quickly solved the specter of a cholera epidemic breaking out in Nairobi’s slums, such as in Zimbabwe, may soon become an awful reality.

Early next morning Bishop Bera and I took the EasyCoach to Webuye, a trip of nearly 10 hours over countless potholes. Family, children and helpers welcomed me in the courtyard, and Mama Peninah proudly showed me to my room which had a working toilet, shower, and closets. Although spacious and modestly furnished, the house had electricity and running water, glory hallelujah!8 I was delighted!

The next morning Pastor Paul, a friend of Bera, had us visit an orphanage at Lupao, for which Bishop rented a matatu bus and driver. At a loss as to what to say to the orphans, I gave them my testimony since we shared some common experiences. I ministered to all of the children of various ages. 

One beautiful, gentle little girl who had lost everything in last year’s post-election violence, captured my heart - if only I could have adopted her! 

After the customary meal of rice, a little meat, broth, greens and ugale (Kenya’s daily bread made from mais flour in boiling water), and Kenyan tea with milk, we visited the premises while the younger children practiced a dance. 

Our matatu bus did not show up. It took a long time to wave down another one, and we got back home late. It is wise to pack a lot of patience when coming to Kenya for as the Kenyans love to explain – this is Africa. Ha!

Next I ministered in the Neema Church in Masindu where every nook and cranny was filled with people. (Many pastors were in attendance as Bishop Bera is trying to unify the churches in one common goal and purpose while putting an end to all former rivalry.) My interpreter, Pastor Joseph Mukonambi,  translated alongside me in Swahili. Afterwards I ministered to the people’s various needs, then asked Bishop and Peninah to come forward. As they knelt I applied to their tongue salt, water and anointing oil,  which they needed to swallow according to the Lord’s instructions in answer to prayer what to do for their healing. Bishop got healed on the spot of malaria and the ulcers. Penina’s goiter, however, persisted. 

After the usual meal and a prolonged wait for rain to subside, we found we were locked out of the car. Bera eventually opened the trunk door.

The next two days we ministered in Bungoma (a town much larger than Webuye with terrible roads), at Gospel Outreach Church, a newly established congregation with many visiting pastors in attendance. Each time I preached the extremely powerful and uplifting messages the Lord gave me, His Holy flame rose up within me with its heat bathing me in perspiration. I eventually realized that the Holy Spirit was manifesting in me just as He had once shown His form to me: in the shape of a man completely covered in flames that were moving as if the wind was passing through them. This, too, is a way in which He frequently manifests in me – rushing through me like the wind.

It was like this in all the churches: in Amagoro (a village in the Teso tribe district), Machonge, Bukole and Webuye. I ministered and preached two, sometimes even three sessions daily for two or three days, unhampered by any time constraints. As long as the Holy Spirit moved, no one curtailed Him. Praise G-d! 

It was most gratifying to see all of the pastors paying close attention and taking notes. Some seemed to literally “eat” the teachings of the Lord. They also asked me to come to their house and bless it and their families. According to their understanding of Genesis 12:3, hosting and blessing a Jew from Israel  - moreover, a servant of the Lord - brings them abundant blessings. May this be so!

In Amagoro the first sermon was “Total Forgiveness Leads to Total Freedom.” Such fruit came from this teaching that I cried, overwhelmed with great joy. Evelyn, a Kenyan evangelist who for 20 years was bound with hatred and bitterness, found healing and deliverance after seeking out and forgiving both a best friend who had poisoned her and the pastor who had supported her friend.  Never had Evelyn expected to encounter such weeping and begging for forgiveness on their parts. Today, Evelyn is a changed person, totally set free and happy, being re-vitalized with new-found fervor and love for the lost.

6"Obama and Odinga: The True Story," by African Press International (API)
7 On Wikipedia Odinga is said to be of the Anglican faith but yet he wants to place Kenya under strict Sharia law and loves to dress in Moslem garb; The Guardian
8 See Kenya Photo Album


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