March 9, 2009 (Fast of Esther)
PURIM (In your Bible, look up the Book of Esther)

I feel it important to place the following pictures and YouTube urls as an addition to the Obama Mania pages. G-d's words of warning as well as dreams and visions are so strong and concrete, one must wantonly close one's eyes to ignore what is being said. The personality cult that has grown around Obama to nearly "worship" has triggered in me a "red" alert; particularly since he became President by an act of "lawlessness." The law of the land requires the Presidential candidate produce his birth certificate as undeniable proof that he is American born, a native of the United States. 

Yet Obama refused to produce his original birth certificate while, at the same time, the governor of Hawaii prevented citizens, courts and media from viewing this document, thus underscoring this lawlessness. Never would I have believed that the entire nation - with few exceptions - could be so utterly blind and follow after this man like children after the Pied Piper of Hamelin21. However, we do already have the troubling example of Germans saying to Adlolf Hitler - that little, mediocre Austrian artist of questionable background - "Fuehre, wir folgen" / "Lead, we will follow!"

For everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, having a basic knowledge of history and Scriptures, and a certain understanding, the following pictures and a YouTube video of Obama's acceptance speech (the Democratic National Convention 2008) in the Denver Broncos' Mile High Football Stadium (Denver, Colorado) will be rather disturbring, to say the least.

Barack Hussein Obama at the 2008 DNC YouTube video opening picture: above mountain peaks rises the Obama "sun," his emblem within a white circle, "crowned" with three 5-pointed stars:

>The altar of Zeus at Pergamum was famous for its elaborate frieze, which is now located in Berlin. There was no temple of Zeus, which recalls an ancient custom mentioned by Herodotus [1.131]: 

In Revelation 2:12-13, the city of Pergamum, rather than a subterranean region, is identified as the location of Satan's throne.>22Why then, I wonder, was the model of this altar chosen to create a replica of it as backdrop for Obama's acceptance speech?

Replica of the Pergamon Altar of Zeus, standing in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany; the elaborate Friese round about the altar depicts the "battle of the Titans," the "gods" against the giants.
Monuments of Greek antiquity seem to hold a particular allure on Obama and his team. On his first Euopean trip as Presidential candidate, he chose Germany, where his campaign organizers wanted Obama to speak at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (site of President Ronald Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech), considered one of Europe's most famous landmarks. The Gate is modeled after the Propylaea in Athens, the monumental entry hall of the Acropolis. The Gate is crowned with a quadriga charioteered by the goddess of victory - Victoria - who marches triumphantly into the city "proclaiming peace". Obama was himself on his "triumphant" march to "victory", his staff looking for backdrops depicting this. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, refused the Brandenburg Gate for the Obama "show". 

Well, the next best backdrop was the Siegessaeule ("Victory Column"), erected to celebrate the Prussian victory over the Danes in their 1864 war. Before the column could be completed, the Prussians had won two other victories, in wars against Austria in 1866 and France in 1870-1871. The 35-ton figure atop the column is the goddess of Victory, the Roman version of the Greek goddess Nike. The base of the column is festooned with bas-reliefs of battles. 

The column used to be located elsewhere in Berlin -- in front of the Reichstag -- but it was moved to the intersection of Grosser Stern (Great Star) by the Nazis.

The choices Obama and his team have made for his public appearances and speeches are most significant, delivering an unspoken but clear message to the people, most of whom fail to realize that they are being manipulated into viewing Obama as the victorious, triumphant bringer of "change and peace".

The "Victory Column" was Hitler's favorite place in Berlin for his Nazi rally speeches. The sight of Obama standing, arm outstretched, in an all too familiar gesture in front of this monument to victory and its chief symbol, the pagan goddess Victoria aka Nike, is chilling; as is the balloon picture... 

>A German archaeologist, Carl Humann, began excavating the Pergamon altar on Sept.9, 1878. The altar was then moved back to Germany and reconstructed. Kaiser Wilhelm II celebrated its erection in Berlin in 1902. In 1933 Adolph Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. In 1934 he became dictator and ordered construction of the Tribune at Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg for his Nazi rallies. 

The architect, Albert Speer, used the Pergamon Altar as the model for the Zeppelintribuene. The Fuehrer's pulpit was in the center of the tribune, which was built from 1934 to 1937. Adolph Hitler, the Evil King of Germany started World War II in 1939. After the end of World War II, the Soviets took the Pergamon Altar to Leningrad in 1948 (Same year as the Rebirth of Israel) as spoils. The Alter was later returned in 1958.>23

Hitler at the speaker's platform of the Zeppelintribune during the 1938 Parteitag Grossdeutschland. 
The Zeppelintribuene in Nuremberg, Germany, the Nazis 
   main rallying place

The U.S. Army blew the swastika from the top of the Zeppelintribuene on 25 April 1945 (shown in this sequence of Army Signal Corps photos; National Archives Record Group 111-SC, #205199-205201)

Replica of Pergamon Altar in the Denver Broncos' Mile High Football Stadium at the DNC2008, with the pulpit up front in the middle, and Obama's image projected on both sides of the Altar.

Below are images reminiscent of the personality cult that surrounded Hitler, and of Revelation 6:1-2, as we see Obama's image exhibited beneath the Denver Bronco's mascot, a white Arabian horse called Thunder II. At both sides of the gigantic screen Obama's emblem emanates water and rays of light, conveying the "idea" of Obama himself infusing light and life.

Rev. 6:1-2 - "I heard one of the four living creatures say, as with a voice of thunder, 'Come!' And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and its rider had a bow and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer." 

Obama has certainly "conquered" the American people who are evidently infatuated with him (as were the Germans in Berlin), as well as the whole African continent and the entire Moslem world, which is thrilled at their "brother's" ascending to the Presidency of the most powerful nation.

America's and the world's new idol, speaking in front of a smaller replica of the Pergamon Altar of Zeus, Turkey



Obama's "team" projected under Thunder II, the Denver Bronco's mascot24

This is the famous white stallion Thunder II, towering above the scoreboard of the Denver Mile High stadium

Some may argue saying, "Perhaps this is the white horse of Revelation 19:11?" I say, then, “ This would be even worse than the one in Rev. 6; for Revelation 19:11 projects a Messianic image, seeing that it is Messiah Who returns to conquer the beast and his army."

Was all this imagery - first in the Denver stadium, and then in Berlin, Germany, just accidental, or was it carefully planned? It stands to reason that nothing whatsoever was "accidental" about it, and that it was scrupulously designed to portray a "messianic" figure saving the nation from unemployment, bankruptcy, and war while preparing the people for the coming new world order - bringing in "change." 

Obama's "logo" replaces the patriotic American flag as he seemingly elevates himself above that national emblem. Is this a "deifying" symbol that has replaced the national one?

How about this Denver, Colorado - Airport Mustang Sculpture?25 Actually, it's not a Mustang, but an Arabian.

This huge blue statue of the Denver Bronco's mascot (Thunder II) has finally been dedicated. Commissioned 16 years ago and standing at a colossal 32 feet tall, the project was already controversial when in 2005 the horse broke loose from a support in sculptor Luis Jiminez's studio and pinned him against the wall. He later died from his injuries on the way to hospital. His family were determined to finish the work in his honour. 

With its unholy look, bright red eyes and and lugubrious history, the artwork has been dubbed the 'Airport Mustang from Hell'. It will be hard to shake the curse tag.

Most surprising was Obama's decision to sign the $ 787 billion bailout-bill in DENVER rather than in the oval office of the White House. Why had he so urgently pushed for this bill, delayed its signing and then did so -- in Denver, on February 17th -- an all-important date for the New World Order!P All this concentration on Denver had me begin a research, and the findings are surprising beyond all expectation.

We are definitely on the road to a New World Order, a One World Government, and Denver seems to play an important role in it, as will Germany and Turkey. Oh, the connections, they run ever so deep! And while I did not think that Obama will turn out to be that Man of lawlessness, especially after the Trojan Horse word, I no longer rule out that possibility. 

1. Obama occupies the most powerful post in the world - the U.S. President - by outright lies and an act of lawlessness since he entered the White House without proof of being an American citizen by birth. His supporters and campaign managers knowingly and wantonly disregarded this law of the United States and became partners in this act of lawlessness.
2. Like Hitler, a true son of Satan, Obama chose a copy of the Pergamon altar of Zeus as the backdrop for his acceptance speech. Hence, he knowingly chose the "throne of Satan"26 to be his podium, his image being projected onto that "altar" on its two sides.
3. Obama has opened a pandora's box on stem-cell research by legalizing it. The consequences of this cannot even yet be imagined. The possibilities of abuse and misuse of stem-cell  research are frightening. Whenever great discoveries have been made, there have always been wicked, greedy and evil men who have misused and abused the discovery or invention. Albert Einstein's discovery of the splitting of the atom is just one such example - he never envisioned an atomic bomb. If he had he would have kept his discovery secret.
4. Obama's first official interview as President was with Al Jazeera, the Arabic-language news network; and his first official visit as President will be to Turkey, the land of the 7 churches and of the -- altar of Satan in Pergamon, Anatolia. Walid Shoebat, former Palestinian terrorist who came to faith in Yeshua, is the author of 5 books on terrorism; in his book, "God's War on Terror," he has something rather disturbing to say about Turkey in the end days.

These are just a few points. Let us keep steadfast and alert, and I will do my best to faithfully garner pertinent information and keep you abreast on what is happening. We are children of the day and must not get caught in Satan's trap due to slumbering and sleeping. Read up as much as you can of what I share with you in these pages, as well as the linked articles and web sites. Truly, it won't be long anymore until disaster suddenly comes upon this world and -- on the Church. Let us be prepared, for God is with and for us -- "For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of G-d in Messiah Yeshua our Lord."27 But the lukewarm, Yeshua warned, He will spit out28

Let us therefore fan the glowing ambers in our hearts to hot burning flames for our Lord and His Kingdom.

21The Pied Piper Homepage; The Pied Piper of Hamelin, by Robert Browning
22 Temples of Zeus; The Pergamon Altar; Satan's throne in Revelation; Pergamon Altar;
23Former Things/Throne of Satan; Traces of Evil; Joel's Trumpet; Hitler's Zeppelintribune
24 [19] SHARON MAGNESS is queen of philanthropy and high society in Colorado. She was the second wife of cable-TV magnate Bob Magness, who died in 1996. Bob Magness founded cable giant Tele-Communications Inc., which was sold to AT?T. In 1997, Sharon filed a lawsuit claiming she was entitled to half of her late husband's estate--roughly $500 million, rather than the approximately $55 million she was left in the form of cash, a trust fund, Western art and property. Her claim--pitting her against her stepsons Gary and the late Kim Magness and others--was settled out of court in 1998. Terms were never disclosed, but she reportedly received $100 million and has become a fixture on the charity-fundraising circuit, supporting such society-approved causes as the Denver Art Museum and Volunteers of America. She was a supporter of the financially troubled Ocean Journey. Denver's Westword newspaper has reported she bid $150,000 at the aquarium's opening gala for the right to host a New Year's Eve party there later. Eleven years ago Sharon Magness, along with Jean Galloway, started "Western Fantasy," a gala and fundraiser for the Volunteers of America. The event has raised $10 million over the years for the charity's Colorado branch, making it the most successful Volunteers of America fundraiser in the nation.Her horse, Thunder, an Arabian stallion, is the Denver Broncos' official mascot, and is ridden up and down the field at Invesco Field at Mile High to celebrate every Bronco score
PI know of at least two bloodlines being part of this one-world "conspiracy," namely the STUARTS (also spelled STEWART, the Scottish Royal lineage), the actor Patrick Stewart being listed in their genealogical record; and the British Royal House of WINDSORS, related to the Stuarts, as well as to the German HONOVERIANS, and SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA. They and the Stuart lineage claim descent from King David via Jesus Christ, being of His "blood-line" (research on Prince Charles), insisting on being the rightful heirs to David's throne and his kingdom -- that theirs is the only "one blood royal: the Sangreal...". 
25   IMPORTANT!!! - worth reading through: Look Up Fellowship: Denver International Airport and the NWO; and The Denver Airport Murals
26 Another interesting view of where and what Satan's throne is: Satan's throne revealed at last!
27 Romans 8:38-39 28 Revelation 3:16 J.R. Church: Prophecy in the News

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