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The Genome project can reach its goal in 15 years. The achievement of that goal would launch a new era in medicine. James Wyngaarden, director of the NIH (National Institute of Health), which will oversee the project, predicts that it will make "major contributions to understanding growth, development and human health, and open new avenues for therapy." 

Full translation of the genetic message would enable medical researchers to identify the causes of thousands of still mysterious inherited disorders, both physical and bahavioral.

With this insight, scientists could more accurately predict an individual's vulnerability to such obviously genetic diseases as cystic fibrosis and could eventually develop new drugs to treat or even prevent them. The same would be true for more common disorders like heart disease and cancer, which at the very least have large genetic components. Better knowledge of the genome could speed development of gene therapy --- the actual alteration of instructions in the human genome to eliminate genetic deffects

The NIH and the Food and Drug Administration have already taken a dramatic step toward gene therapy. In January (of 1993) they gave approval to Dr. W. French Anderson and to Dr. Steven Rosenberg, both at the NIH, to transplant a bacterial gene into cancer patients. While this gene is intended only to make it easier for doctors to monitor an experimental cancer treatment and will not benefit the patients, its successful implantation should help pave the way for actual gene therapy. 

The very thought of being able to read the entire genetic message, and perhaps alter it, is alarming to those who fear the knowledge could create many moral and ehtical problems. 

Indeed -- “the very thought of being able to read the entire genetic message, and perhaps alter it, is ALARMING...!” 21

Had the Nazis had this knowledge already back then, we might have a glimpse of the horror that is to come. Medical researchers speak only of the benefits of their efforts forgetting, that evil dwells right next to good. In this world there always have lived and will live evil men of corrupted minds and morals. 

If man learns to alter the human genome, and to mass produce clones of whatever traits they desire, then producing colonies of slaves, and women and children for sexual pleasure and abuse, is only one of the horrors which doubtlessly would by created by bottomless evil men. 

The human mind lacks the omni-science of an omni-potent Creator, and thus the personal preferences and ideals realized through cloning and gene-therapy would create a catastrophical imbalance in the human race. 

The abuse of this knowledge led to such profound depths of evil in Noah's days that it still casts its shadows even into our days, through the tales of mythology: Their knowledge and technology, how to line up - like beads on a string - chromosomes "sympatico" with one another and alter genetic instructions, produced monstrosities which were a combination of several different creatures, such as inhabit all the tales about the pagan "gods": part human, part animal, part bird. Their ideas and "imaginations" were only evil continually, wherefore G-d saw Himself forced to "blot out every living thing in whom was the breath of life, that was on the face of the ground: human beings, animals, creeping things, and birds of the air." Genesis 6:5, 11-12, 17; 7:19-23. 

G-d's law of creation is: each according to its own kind, whether human, plant, animal, bird, fish, insects. Noah's generation crossed over these boundaries and violated the laws upon which G-d established the earth and all its hosts. Casting off the boundaries of G-d's laws, statutes and precepts resulted moreover in unrestrained violence which apparently spread over the whole globe (see Genesis 6:11, 13) such as we see once again taking place in our days. Therefore G-d blotted ALL of that evil generation out, them and the monstrosities of genetic engineering they had created, in whom also was the breath of life. The only people who had no partnership in either violence nor "playing god" were Noah and his family! They escaped, but not by any "magic" popping out of heaven! It took 120 years hard work, unwavering faith and tireless efforts of warning men of the coming flood. But men who play "god" do not fear the Living G-d. They exalted themselves against Him on account of their knowledge, a rebellion that inevitably leads to gross violence. Then G-d destroyed both them and their knowledge with the waters of a global flood and buried them deep into the earth. 

Yeshua and the angel Gabriel warned that there would come a time even more evil than the days of Noah! 

We are standing on the threshold to this time! The judgment for it is already declared in Isaiah 24.

But "violence", "lawlessness" and "terror" are already very present factors of today's societies. Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear and see pictures of such violence either on the news or in films. In fact, violence and lawlessness has become the standard theme of most TV pictures. Even the "kiddi-shows" abound with violence in which animated creatures heap atrocities of murderous violence upon one another. Since the animations never die from all this shooting, axing, bombing, and maiming, the children are raised to believe that this is only roughhousing with no fatal consequences. Violence is the daily "diet" of our days

The Hebrew word for "violence" in Genesis 6:11, 13, "... the earth was filled with violence..."  is  HAMAS! In Psalm 74:20 we read: “Have regard for the Covenant; for the dark places of the land [of Israel] are FULL OF THE HABITATIONS OF HAMAS (violence).”  The word for the “violence” which shall “no more be heard in our land, wasting nor destruction within our borders...” a also is HAMAS. And one of the reasons for which G-d will judge Israel's neighbors such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, is stated in Joel 3:19: "Egypt shall become a desolation and Edom a desolate wilderness, because of the violence ~hamas done to the people of Judah (Jews), in whose land they have shed innocent blood."

"Hamas" = violence; cruelty, injustice, oppressor; take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully, violent wrongful dealing, damage. 

Hamas is the name of the Islamic terrorist group, headquarterd in Gaza, terrorizing and murdering defenseless Jewish men, women and children within Israel's borders and cities. Since the PLO may no longer carry out such activities openly in order to deceive the world into believing that they have indeed "changed their spots," Hamas is now carrying out these acts of violence instead. Of this "hamas" G-d said to Noah: "I have determined to make an end of all flesh, for the earth is filled with hamas~violence."

The god of the Hamas terror organization and the G-d of the Jews is NOT the same. Because the Holy One of Israel says, "The L-RD tests the righteous and the wicked, and His soul HATES him that loves violence~hamas"b; and, "Thou destroyest those who speak LIES; the L-RD ABHORS bloodthirsty and deceitful men"

The Islamic terrorist groups (by the deceitful Media called "militants", "guerillas", or "freedom fighters") commit their bloody atrocities in the name of their god, Allah, their battle cry being, "Allah akbar ~ Allah is great". They claim to worship and serve the god of Abraham, the same claim Christianity makes, whose history of crusades, inquisition, pogroms and genocides is even bloodier than the recent history of Islamc


One of the reasons why G-d destroyed Noah's generation of man was their violence~hamas; and this same violence~hamas is again one of the reasons for which G-d will bring judgment upon Israel's neighbors and the nations of the world who, passively or actively, condoned and even supported this violence~hamas.

Behold, the earth is once again filled with violence ~hamas!

21 The pictures were scanned from the TIME International Magazine,  Vol. 142, No. 19, November 8, 1993, No. 45; cover-page;  pp.  63, 66 and 67
The photos of two virulent Israel-hating Hamas leaders, Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Abu Nizar, have been copied from the Arabic Hamas homepage.
a Isaiah 60:18 b Psalm 11:5;  5:6 c see news 30:2, footnote 5

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