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Yeshua’s situation looked so utterly desperate, so beyond all hope, His cause and aspirations lost forever. He certainly did not look like the future Lord of lords and King of kings. Far from it. Rather, the appearance was that of a loser, a religious madman led astray by a deluded mind, imagining himself to be Israel’s Savior and the Son of G-d.

Talk about a major “bunny-trail!” No man had ever been more deluded than this Galilean, Yeshua of Nazareth, when the truth of the matter in the eyes of most was that he was a carpenter, a carpenter’s son, born out of wedlock125

Should Miriam and Joseph have told how Yeshua had been conceived supernaturally? Should they have told about the angel Gabriel coming to her, announcing that G-d had chosen her to be the mother of Messiah, and that she would conceive Him by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Yeah! Right! Aha! Sure! And people would just have believed this story and accepted it as truth? Ha! On the contrary! It only would have made matters worse, and while it was bad enough that Miriam was slandered of having conceived Yeshua out of wedlock, with that story they would moreover have declared her mad, and then concluded with Yeshua that “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Here He was now, dying a horrible death on this cross, and that would be the end of his fantasies, and of being resurrected unto eternal life and being King of Israel. 

Sure, He had had some special powers – the religious leaders claimed it was by the demon Beelzebub – and performed some amazing miracles. But Son of G-d, getting resurrected from the dead, Savior of Israel, Messiah? Come on, this went too far even for the most spiritual and knowledgeable, insightful and tolerant person. If the religious leaders called him a fake, a deceiver and imposter, then that’s what he doubtlessly was, because they had more knowledge and insight than ordinary people.

This Nazarean had been on the worst of all possible bunny-trails, and now had reached the end of it.

This is what it looked like, when Yeshua hung for six hours of infinite suffering on this rugged cross, fighting the battle of all battles, the greatest anyone has ever fought. Not only were the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees, the Roman soldiers and the rabble deriding, mocking and insulting Him, furthermore all the legions of hell were assaulting Him to get Him to give up, to doubt, to lose faith, hope and trust.

“Bunny-trail! Bunny-trail! You were on a bunny-trail!” they whispered into His mind.

“You were imagining things, you fool! Now see where that has taken you?” they continued with their malicious intent to shake Him upon Whom hinged the future of Israel and all of mankind.

“You’re not the Son of G-d nor the Messiah of Israel. You will die and not rise from the dead. You’re done with, you’re a loser, you are to be more pitied than those two robbers crucified with you. They are just plain robbers, but you are a deluded idiot, a religious fantast, gone mad!” they hissed into His mind while He was just struggling with the realization that even the Father Himself had forsaken Him, and that He was all alone, without any help whatsoever from above.

“So, die now and curse G-d, for He has forsaken you anyway. You only imagined Him to be with you, but He really never was. And now you know that you are on your own, alone. Give up, let go of your delusion, forget your dreams!” They kept pounding His mind with every imaginable vicious lie, desperately trying to get Him to listen to them, be turned by their insinuations and quit.

“You should have bowed to me and worshiped me while you had the chance,” Satan now scoffed at Yeshua, seeking to find a gap in Yeshua’s faith and trust in the Father in order to infiltrate Yeshua’s mind and twist the truth so badly that He would believe the lies to be the truth, and the truth to be a lie.

“You will die now, and you shall not live! And I shall see you in hell! Hahaha!”

And so it was - Satan did see Yeshua in hell. But to his utter horror the Son of G-d came to take away from Satan the keys of Hades and Death133, Satan’s most trusted servants. Yeshua had delivered by His death and burial the body of flesh of the Son of Man - which had been made the receptacle of mankind’s collective sin and of all their sicknesses, diseases and plagues - to which Satan, Hades and Death had a claim. But now, as the Son of G-d, He stripped Satan of all power and authority for everyone who would come to Yeshua for salvation unto eternal life, in repentance and by faith.

What looked like an utter defeat, a totally hopeless situation, with Yeshua being on a “bunny-trail” doomed to failure, was G-d’s way to deliver mankind from their captivity to sin, corruption and death. 

G-d sent His Son first of all to the lost sheep of the House of Israel126 to save for them a great number of survivors, even though they were the smallest of the peoples. Alongside them a vast multitude of Gentiles from every people, nation, tribe and tongue127 would be saved as well who would come to faith in Yeshua Who became the “Bread of Life”128 for all who will believe. They would be “engrafted” into Israel, joined unto G-d’s Covenant people129 so that there would be but one fold, one flock and one Shepherd130.

Yeshua’s “bunny-trail” became the path to eternal life in G-d’s Kingdom for everyone who would believe.

The Holy Spirit had completed the voyage He took me on, and now I saw the Lord smiling while He said, “You see, you are in good company, My child. All of them believed My Word and promises and trusted Me in the face of the utterly impossible, in hope believing against all hope131 -- as you were made to see clearly,” He added

“As long as it is in the power of a man to bring to pass what I spoke,” He continued, “it will not bear witness of Me and of Who I am. Only if it is beyond human power, wisdom, wealth and skill to perform what I promised, THEN it bears witness to the fact that I am the L-RD, the only G-D, the only Living and Eternal G-d, the Almighty Creator, the Holy One of Israel.”132

“Never be shaken in your faith, hope and trust,” He encouraged me now, “wait patiently for Me and you shall see all the things I told you, revealed and made known to you, all the things I showed you and the words I gave to prophesy over you, come to pass. For I am faithful and my steadfast love for you, for the whole House of Israel and for David, My servant, endures forever.”133

“You are not on a ‘bunny-trail’,” and with this affirmation concluded the matter. 

Then He quickened to me 2 Chronicles 16:9, and said that I was one of those in whose behalf He would show Himself mighty:

“The eyes of the L-RD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show His might in behalf of those whose heart is blameless toward Him,” meaning who wholly believe and trust in and rely on the Lord. 

Amen and Amen!

125 Jn 6:41-42 126 Matthew 15:26; 10:6 127 Rev. 5:9; 7:9
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A Prayer of Faith unto Salvation:
"Yeshua, Lord, I believe that you are Who you claim to be, and that you are the Savior of the world, and my Savior. I deeply repent of all of my sins, of the life I have been living away from G-d, and I ask you to please forgive me all my sins, and come into my heart. Please, from this moment forward, be my Savior and my Lord, the Lord of my life. I surrender all to you. And in your Name I ask the Almighty G-d, your Father and now also mine, to please forgive me all my sins, and make me a new creation, with my old life passed away and gone."

"Thank you, Lord Yeshua, for becoming my Savior, and thank you, heavenly Father, for giving me a new and eternal life in Yeshua, your Son. Amen and Amen."

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