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When the first of the seven Raptures will take place and people across the globe, of every race, sex and age, will be missing, a cry of panic will be heard on every news station in the world: 


“Massive abductions of humans! No nation, race, age or gender spared! No one saw or heard the aliens coming! Families across the globe report missing relatives! State of emergency declared worldwide! World leaders to gather for an emergency summit meeting! National and racial differences pale in the presence of this global emergency! We must unite for the defense of our planet and world! A world unity government is the need of the hour! Let us not wait until it is too late! World, unite! Who can lead us in the defense of our planet against an alien power?"
    X X X X X X X 

Countless millions will panic in fear! Instead of seeking repentance for fear of G-d Almighty, they will fear an “alien invasion”. The first occurrence of the Rapture, rather than serve as a warning to awaken slumbering saints and unrepentant sinners, will merely convince people of a massive “abduction by aliens”. They will believe all mankind to be in mortal danger, not realizing that this is actually the greatest, most fantastic moment in human history - the final stage of salvation of G-d’s "Firstborn" from the dead!! 

Satan’s deception will work wondrously well!

Only those who have harkened to G-d’s warnings will be prepared, and not for a single instant be deceived by reports and cries of global kidnapping! Those not among the first group caught up, will painfully realize that lukewarm devotion and half-heartedness don’t qualify for escape from the coming Tribulation. Suddenly they will grow zealous and uncompromising in their devotion and fervor for the Truth and holiness, that they may be counted worthy to be in the next catching up.

But Satan’s counterfeit “Messianic Reign” will come upon the world in an instant! The “Global Village” of a “one-world-government”, the final dream of the Masons and New Agers will come true. These men from every nation, race, and religion will take the lead of a “New World Order”, just as they have advertized now for several decades. They will be the men of the hour! And woe to every faithful Jew and Christian who will oppose and resist the “one-world-government” formation. These will be branded as narrow-minded fanatics; a serious threat to the survival of the human race. Persecution will come upon all who continue to cling to G-d and Messiah and His Word and promises in faith and trust!

This will be a time of an unprecedented, massive apostasy!18 Nominal Christianity and liberal Jews will join the ranks of the “New World Order” and while upholding an outward form of religion, they will deny its saving truth and power19. The true believers will suffer tribulation and persecution, but only for a time. The love of the Truth and their patient endurance will secure their escape from wrath.

X X X X X X X X 

But the liars, the cowards, the wicked and the immoral, and the fools who say in their hearts, “there is no G-d”, will find themselves trapped in a world of global disaster of unprecedented proportions. Rapture after Rapture will lift G-d’s saints out of the turmoil, yet the wicked will neither understand nor take it to heart20.

Nevertheless, even in those days, or should I say, especially in those days, vast masses will come to the Messiah of Israel and be saved, up to the very last stragglers who will be caught out in the final, seventh Rapture. They will barely have made it! And if they call upon the Lord in repentance even in the last minute, with no more time to be baptized into His Name (death and resurrection), and therewith be clothed with the “garments of salvation,” nor to be clothed with the garments of righteousness, then they will be “naked”, bodiless21. Their old, mortal body will fall off, but no new immortal kind of body of heavenly origin will take the place of the old. No process of re-creation will “cloth” them with Messiah22. They will be saved from the lake of fire, which is the second death, but bear the shame of their procrastination, until they will receive their immortal body either in the 8th stage of the First Resurrection, or in the Second Resurrection.

18 2 Thessalonians 2:3 19 2 Timothy 3:5 20 Isaiah 57:1-2; Daniel 12:10
21 The human being is a “triune” being - spirit, soul and body. Only the body is “seen”, which “clothes” our soul and spirit. If a person is only saved meaning, he/she confesses Yeshua to be the Messiah and believes in the heart, then this person shall be saved. However, unless the believer is also “ingrafted” into Messiah through baptism, he/she will not share in the body of the Son of G-d, and will not become “bone of His bone, and flesh of His flesh.” For just as G-d took from the man and created the woman so that afterwards both were “Adam”, so will G-d take from the “Last Adam”, Messiah Yeshua, and re-create us and make us to share in Messiah’s heavenly origin and divine nature. Hence, those who didn’t get baptized will be “naked”, not clothed with a new body.
22 Rev. 16:15; Gal. 3:27; Ro 13:14; 1 Cor. 15:53-54; 2 Cor. 5:2-4; Col. 3:9-10;



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